Ocean Springs Greyhounds Get Movie Motivation

The undefeated Ocean Springs High School football team got a little help from Hollywood in preparing for Friday night's big game against Biloxi.

Team members attended a movie together.  But it wasn't just any movie.  The team enjoyed the first day showing of "Friday Night Lights", a film about high school football.

The movie motivated the players for football and taught some important life lessons.

The true life big screen story of the Permian Panthers offered a game day boost to the Ocean Springs team. The Greyhounds learned how a West Texas team handled adversity.

"I think just the camaraderie and how that team came together. They faced a lot of adversity early in the season. And I think everybody faces adversity every day. And every Friday you've got to deal with plays the other team makes and you've just got to deal with it," said Ocean Springs head coach, Steve Jones.

As the Permian Panthers battled through the playoffs, Ocean Springs players witnessed the unity.

"It's just the drive and the will to play. I mean if you've got the heart to play, there's nothing impossible," said running back, Travis Williams.

Ocean Springs players see a lot of their coach in Billy Bob Thornton's character.

"He just motivates us every week. He doesn't say a lot about record and winning and stuff like that. He just says have fun and go out and play ball," quarterback John Tosch explained.

The Friday night game between Ocean Springs and Biloxi is already a big match up.  But the Ocean Springs players said a little extra motivation couldn't hurt.

Nicholas Jones is a defensive end.

"That movie right there really did get us hyped up. And I believe, I believe we're going to go over there and beat them in their new stadium," he predicted.

They'll get that chance under the bright lights of Biloxi Stadium.  Friday night lights.