Time to rev up your remote controlled cars

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It is simply called "The Yard." The race track for remote controlled cars opened Monday on Highway 90 in east Ocean Springs. And it didn't take long for the racers to show up and rev up their engines.

Pete Manley is one of the business partners in the venture.

"We've been hearing about how much families are looking for things to do with their kids and to be able to come out and just enjoy themselves as a family. And this is a good inexpensive way to come out and everybody can get a car, everybody can have fun and enjoy themselves," Manley said.

The families agree. Josh Thompson is here with his wife and son.

"Well, it's definitely something that we can come out and enjoy with the family and the kid can come out and run his car on the track. It keeps us off the street," Thompson explained. "We don't have to worry about other cars hitting us so we can have fun out here in a good environment that's controlled."

More tracks are on the way, according to Randy Manley, another partner.

"We started with the road course, and we're going to the oval next and the plans are to go to a drag strip after that. The oval is going to be a high speed oval. It's going to be a little Talladega we've got going out here."

You might think that racing these remote control cars around a dirt track is a trivial game, but for some of the car enthusiasts it is very serious indeed.

Jamie Bell, the third partner explained. "They start out, they buy a kit that will run about $400 and then they just put more and more money into it as far a high performance parts where a car can get and run as high as 100 miles per hour."

And during this week of Thanksgiving, one young racer, Joseph Rosas, summed it up best.

"I'm thankful for my dad. He's the one that showed me all the skill that I know. And I'm thankful for Jamie for building this track and to Josh for teaching me some techniques."

The business partners say when all the tracks are finished, they will have invested about $50,000 on the project. Rates to use the track are reasonable, ranging from $5 for a single visit, to a $35 monthly family membership with unlimited use.

And just in case you're wondering, The Yard will be open Christmas afternoon so all the kids can try out their new remote control race cars.

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