Gulfport kid sells bracelets then donates profits to Pink Heart Funds

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport kid turned her hobby of making Rainbow Loom bracelets into a small business. On Sunday, nine-year-old Kylie Herron donated the money she made from selling her bracelets to the Pink Heart Funds.

Herron said it all started after her friend got her interested in making the colorful, rubber bracelets and more than 100 bracelets later she sold them.

Herron made $320 from selling her jewelry and instead of keeping the money she made she decided to give it to those who need it most.

"My maw maw died of breast cancer four years ago," Herron recalled.

She said her grandmother's death inspired her to donate to a nonprofit that helped those battling breast cancer or other cancers.

Herron said she has an idea of the physical pain caused by cancer and the emotional pain it causes when you lose your hair.

"It's important for them because if they didn't have hair and they went to school they would probably, easily get made fun of and I'm raising money for that because I don't want kids to get made fun and I want everybody to be happy," Herron said.

Pink Heart Funds founder JoAn Niceley said donations from young people is rare.

"More children need to be involved. I mean what child doesn't have an aunt, a grandmother or someone that's been impacted by cancer," Niceley said.

Niceley said it costs around $400 to create a wig. And roughly 500 people with cancer or other hair loss diseases benefit from her nonprofit annually. Niceley said her organization also provides breast prosthetics.

To learn more about Pink Heart Funds and how you can help click here.

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