Blooms were main attraction at Camellia Show

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A show focused on the best flowers was in full bloom this Saturday afternoon in Gulfport. Members of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Camellia Society said these aren't the same camellias you'd find by making a beeline to the garden department.

Camellia lovers got a chance to look at a stunning collection of flowers during the 61st Annual Camellia Show.

Camellia societies from Louisiana to Florida helped make the show possible by bringing their finest camellia blooms. For several people who attended, the show gave them new ideas for their camellias and even opened their eyes to the different varieties.

"The beauty absolutely their beauty and the variety is unbelievable," said attendee Charlie Cuevas.

"The camellias that are here are usually basically a mutation because camellias don't grow true from seed because if you plant the seed you're not going to get the same kind of camellia as the mother plant," said Mississippi Gulf Coast Camellia Society member Jana Harry.

Eight hundred flowers were selected in different size categories. The flowers were then judged based on the standards of their variety. The best of the best were selected and placed on this winners table.

"Just to do this show is just exciting. Just to be out here and you're competing with everybody. Everybody thinks this is pretty low key. But there is a lot of competition out here to win this thing," said Mississippi Gulf Coast Camellia Society member Steven Manis.

The flowers that originated from China were a favorite of Mississippi author Eudora Welty and that love for camellias is clearly still shared by Mississippians today.

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