Drivers thrilled to cross Lorraine Road bridge once again

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - No more taking the long way around as traffic is once again rolling over a Harrison County bridge. Thursday morning, the Lorraine Road Bridge reopened after being closed more than four months for safety concerns.

After crews finished putting up brand new traffic signs, the road closed signs came down ending nearly four months of detours for drivers.

"It was a real problem because you have to drive way around these detours and it puts extra miles on your car," said Jim Dominguez. " It costs you extra gas money. It's been a real problem, but it's a blessing to have this open again."

Once the bridge opened, drivers were eager to take advantage.

"Whenever we saw that there were no barricades anymore," said Teresa Staley. "I was really excited about that. We came driving across just to have the experience of having it open again."

Getting to school will be a lot easier for Harrison County school children whether they take the bus or drive the students prefer the shorter route.

Ashlee Taylor said, "That is the safer route for my brother and sister to get to their school. They go to D'Iberville High School and now they're having to take the interstate."

"We're thrilled the bridge is open and, obviously, we were concerned and still are for the safety of our school buses," said Larry Benefield, Harrison County Schools Transportation Director. "It looks like to us, from the reports the engineers have put out, that they believe the bridge is safe.

Soon school buses will be among those rolling through.

"We plan to start Monday morning with our regular routes. Instead of the long way around we'll be coming across the old bridge now and hopefully everything will be back to normal," said Benefield.

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