Authorities order 2 Stone Co. personal care homes closed

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - "I mean they're just deplorable," said Chief Deputy of Stone County Sheriff's Department Phyllis Olds. "There is no reason that a human being should have to live in these conditions."

Olds said because of the unsanitary condition of 2 personal care homes in Stone County, officials decided to shut them down Wednesday, removing 27 vulnerable adults.

After several reports, officials came to one house in the Stone County and found 12 mentally handicapped men living inside a small home.

"Most of them didn't have clothing," said Olds. "They didn't know where their medicine was. The person that was living here that took care of them was also a patient."

Officials believe the men have lived in the Stone County home for more than a month.

In that time, many sought help from neighbors.

"They were begging for food and they were begging for a place to sleep and they said they were going without," said neighbor Gale Hickman "They said they were getting nothing to eat and nothing to drink."

The home is believed to be a branch of Christian Fellowship home.

That's where officials found 15 people living here in unsanitary conditions.

"In the last year and a half we've had almost 40 reports that our office has taken complaints here," said Wiggins Police Chief Matt Barnett. "On how they're treating them, what they're eating. We've had alleged rapes here."

Treatment at both facilities are described by officials as "unacceptable."

"It was like because of them being mentally and physically handicapped, they were just shoved out here as they were like a pack of animals," said Olds.

The owner of the Christian Fellowship Home in Wiggins is under arrest. The Reverend Allen Boone and his wife, Eunice Terrell Boone, were arrested Wednesday morning by investigators with the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, with assistance from the Stone County Sheriff's Office and the Wiggins Police Department. The Boones are charged with one count operating a personal care home without a license and 12 counts neglect of a vulnerable person.

WLOX Reporter Hannah Moseley is in Stone County talking with authorities and neighbors about the conditions at the facilities, and what this will mean for the residents who lived there. Watch for her reports tonight on WLOX News and

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