Lott Praises President Bush

Americans are already starting to form opinions about the new presidential administration.

A Newsweek poll released on Saturday said 73 percent of Americans like President George W. Bush's education proposals. Sixty-five percent approve of his idea allow federal funding to go to religious organizations.

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott President Bush is giving rave reviews for his first few weeks in office, especially for reaching out across party lines to try to work with congressional Democrats. Lott says although both houses are sharply divided, he doesn't believe partisanship will hold back important legislation.

"If you've got a strong issue and the American people feel strongly about education for instance or relief you can get the votes to do the right thing for the country," Sen. Lott said. "I think George W. Bush is going to be able to do that. I look forward to working with him. I believe the Gulf Coast will benefit from it and all of Mississippi."

Sen. Lott applauds President Bush is focusing on important issues like education and tax relief for working people.

by Danielle Thomas