Page 13: Photographer Alex North publishes a new calendar

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you spend time on Facebook, chances are you've seen the brilliant photographs of Alex North. He has became a Facebook sensation and now he's taken the next step by publishing a calendar.

North says it's easy to appreciate South Mississippi's abundant natural beauty.

"It is phenomenal," North said. "We live in what I think is God's country on the Mississippi Coast."

That love of God's country inspired North to put together a calendar. He chose the title Heaven's Gateway because of his spiritual approach to photographing nature and his desire to give his photos as a gift to others.

"It makes you one with God. You are in his world. I'm able to capture his beauty and share it with people who get joy from it," North said.

Sixteen months. Sixteen Alex North photographs. You can find Heaven's Gateway online, including on Facebook, where Alex has cultivated thousands of followers. (Find him here: Several retailers carry the calendar, as does the Biloxi Visitor's Center.

This self taught photographer shares his secrets with people by conducting workshops. His message is simple and from the heart.

"The difference between photo art and snapshots is expressing yourself in the photo. When you see something you want to share with the world, go out there and compose what you see. Once you accomplish that, you've created photo art," according to North.

Alex North's love of photography and love of coastal Mississippi come together in the calendar Heaven's Gateway.

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