Police warn shoppers of burglars during holiday season

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - As we work our way into the holiday shopping season many of you will be heading into shopping centers to buy presents. But as you shop, burglars will be doing the same thing to your cars.

Police say vehicle burglaries go up this time of year across the country. The D'Iberville Police Department wants you to think about safety before leaving your vehicle to shop.

Tis the season for giving, but for car burglars it's the season for taking.

"During the holiday season anytime between the day before Thanksgiving and throughout New Years is a time we see a spike in property crimes, as well as any type of larceny," Captain Clay Jones with D'Iberville Police said.

But Jones said burglaries in the City of D'Iberville have been low for the past few years. He says that's in part to the D'Iberville Police Department increasing its enforcement and prevention of crime.

Shoppers say they also practice their own form of prevention by hiding their purchases.

"I usually just try to put it in the back seat. We have tinted windows. So I try to put it out of sight, where if you walk by the car you just can't see it," said shopper Ashley Lestrade.

"I always put everything either in my trunk or I bring it in with me. I don't ever leave anything valuable in the car especially not visible," said shopper Veronica Weaver.

Police say hiding your belongings is just as important as where you park.

"You don't want to park behind a building in a dark area. You want to park in a well lit area. You want to park around other people. And you want to obviously want to walk with people into a store late at night or walk out of the store with a group of people," Jones said.

So if you use these crime-preventing tactics police say you should be able to avoid the crimes of opportunity that often hit those who forget to lock their doors.

Shopper Buck Weaver said, "the people that leave their cars unlocked or just like leave their valuables in the open, it's really one of those things, where it's like, 'I'm sorry, but it's kind of your fault.'"

Captain Jones says during the holiday shopping season last year, the City of D'Iberville had only 10 reports of burglaries. This year he says he hopes to have none.

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