Missing Moss Point Man Home Safe

A Moss Point man who was reported missing Sunday is safe and at home this morning. 57-year-old Johnny Colvin returned home last night around 8:30pm.

Prior to last night, he was last seen by his disabled wife as he walked off to find help after their car broke down on Interstate 10 in Baldwin County.

Colvin told family members he was picked up by two men who took him to a Pensacola Medical Center, where he was treated and released. After he was released, he caught a greyhound bus back to Pascagoula.

Family members described Colvin as being incoherent at times, but said he was in good condition. While family members are glad he's okay, they're still searching for answers.

"He said somebody took me to Pensacola, Florida and I got treatment at some kind of medical center in Florida. He said those folks treated him right, treated him nice and stuff. He says the two guys that picked him up took him to the gas station and brought him back to the car and the car wouldn't crank. I don't know why they didn't pick my mama up and take her with em'," Colvin's son Darren said.

Colvin's son also said that when his father showed up he was confused as to what date it was, and how long he had been gone. We hope to have more details later today after local law enforcement has a chance to talk with Colvin.