First responders show off tools they use to save lives

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - From preventing distracted driving and pointing out a dangerous situation, first responders at the 3rd Annual Injury Prevention Fair in Biloxi talked to people about how to be safe.

They brought out some of the animals they use to save lives, as well as, some life saving tools that you won't find in a hard ware store.

A $125,000 robot used by the Biloxi police department's bomb squad to find and remove bombs was moved by a remote control.

Hoover the two-year-old blood hound is used to search for and rescue missing people. They were a few of the many animals and pieces of equipment featured at the fair.

First responders from 56 agencies at the fair included department of marine resources, fire and police departments and the Gulf Coast Search and Rescue team.

"They're teaching first of all safety. So kids can see and understand how to be safe with guns and I think their also giving the pubic an idea of what they do," Director of Mississippi Coastal Trauma Care Region Gail Thomas said.

Kids even got to see what the jaws of life look like and how they work.

Organizers said these types of demonstrations aren't only fun for the attendees. They are also life saving.

"The lady was telling me how to teach your dog to search out drugs and stuff if it's a puppy," said attendee Danielle Scafidi.

Over at the Gulf Coast Search and Rescue Team's tent rescuers discussed volunteering to help find missing children and those with Alzheimer's.

"We're encouraging them to volunteer in their community through the citizen emergency response teams and getting something to do that they can help themselves in a disaster," said Carlos Redmon the Coordinator of Gulf Coast Search and Rescue.

First responders hoped the safety tips they shared with attendees stick so they won't end up in the back of an ambulance or the wrong side of the law.

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