Murder suspect found in Gautier still in serious condition

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - A Louisiana man wanted for the murder of his wife was in serious condition at Singing River Hospital Friday evening after shooting himself in the head. The Gautier Police Department captured 53-year-old Robert Bond early Friday morning after getting a call from a Louisiana sheriff's department.

Ann Bond was reported missing Thursday afternoon in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Later that evening, sheriff deputies issued an arrest warrant for her husband, Robert, for second degree murder.

Even though Ann Bond has not been found, blood and other evidence has investigators convinced she is dead.

"The couple had been having marital problems and had been separated for three weeks," Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington said. "At this point, that is all we know as far as a motive would be."

Around midnight authorities tracked Ann Bond's cell phone to a rest stop in Gautier and called Gautier police to check it out. Police found Bond's white, four door Chevy truck in the rest stop parking log. Officers walked up to the truck, saw Bond sleeping in the back seat and tried to get his attention.

"They wanted to see his hands and advised him, 'Let me see your hands' and also, 'Open the vehicle, come out of the vehicle.' But he didn't comply with any commands they were giving at that point," Gautier Captain Vincent Nicholson said.

Officers said, instead, Bond grabbed a gun and shot himself in the head.

"One of my officers then broke the window of the vehicle and then removed him, securing the gun first to make sure it was safe, and then immediately calling him medical attention."

Bossier Parish investigators believe Bond used his Chevy truck to dump his wife's body, but authorities still do not know where.

"We are asking for the public, please, if any of them were able to call you or if you saw the vehicle in a particular area, we want to know," Whittington said.

Gautier police combed the rest stop where Bond was found to see if there were any signs of a body being dragged from the truck, but they didn't find any.

"Keep the family in your prayers," Whittington said. "We are working night and day, every possible lead we can to hopefully find Mrs. Bond."

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