Rumor Causes Worry In St. Andrews

St. Andrews residents are concerned that an upcoming change in ownership could possibly mean a change in the natural beauty of their neighborhood.

They are worried that the new owners would replace their green space with more development.

But current co-owner Greg Williams assured the crowd that he believes the new owners have good intentions, and they will work in the best interest of the community.

Williams says the new owners have actually told him that the golf course is an important part of the property.

They have not said whether or not they will develop the green space, but Williams believes residents should remain positive and work with the developers and not against them.

Many residents agree.

"With the growth that would be coming and the new homes that would be built, I think it would be an absolute plus for the golf course and all the amenities that we have in this area. I don't see, in my opinion, why anybody would take it because I think it would be an absolute asset for the sale of the homes that they would be building," said Shirley Zimmerman.

"I think that we must be positive toward this. We have to try to work with these people the best we can, and make our community better. They're gonna be in here and we must be positive, " said St. Andrews Homeowners Association president Bob Yepson.

Other residents told me they are not as certain as Zimmerman and Yepson, but they will try to be positive and see what the developers have to say.

Mr. Greg Williams plans to invite the owners to speak with the St. Andrews residents in the near future.