Lawmakers Try To Resolve Hunting License Price War

Whether you like to fish in Louisiana or hunt in Mississippi, a price war between the states is making lovers of these sports, fish deeper in their pockets.

"Louisiana twice in three years raised saltwater fishing fees in one form or the other significantly high for Mississippi residents," James Walker with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says. "We in return responded by raising our deer license."

"I was totally upset with what they have done to my people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Sen. Tommy Gollot of Biloxi says.

That's why the Mississippi legislature stepped into the crossfire. Last week Sen. Lynn Posey sent a letter to the Louisiana state legislature outlining a compromise to settle the license dispute. Some proposed solutions include reducing the annual and three day non-resident saltwater fishing licenses. Also included is creating a license for one day saltwater fishing.

"None of these proposals are set in stone, but we feel like we're making a good faith effort to start some dialogue between the two states," Sen. Posey says.

Mississippi lawmakers are still waiting to hear from their Louisiana counterparts, but officials say Mississippi will lower its prices if Louisiana does the same.