Biloxi Police Release Casino Magic 911 Tapes

Here's what it sounded like when the first person called Biloxi police to report the January 13th Casino Magic shooting.

Caller: Hello is this 911?

The 911 call came from a gambler inside Casino Magic.  He told a dispatcher he could hear the gunfire.

Police: Can you tell if anybody has been hit?

Seconds later, the 911 phone rang again.  It was a Casino Magic surveillance officer.  Here's what that conversation sounded like.

Security: Yes sir. This is Shawn Cox. I'm surveillance at Casino Magic and we have shots fired in the casino. We have a man down.

By then police had arrived at Casino Magic. So had several ambulances. Dispatchers tried to use the next calls to help police gather information.

Police: Can you tell if anybody has been hit?

The last call came from Casino Magic's registration desk. It was indicative of the confusion caused by the gunshots.

Casino Worker: Front desk this is Christy speaking. May I help you?

WLOX News tried to talk with the Casino Magic surveillance officer who called 911. But Shawn Cox has been told not to talk with the media about the events surrounding the January 13th shooting. The only thing Casino Magic said today about the 911 tape was that the employees who called for help handled themselves just right.

As for the three people shot by Sylvester McConnell, two are recovering at home. But Chris Harmon remains in fair condition at Ocean Springs Hospital.