Central Bible Church helps to keep Hancock Co. homeless warm

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Central Bible Church on Highway 90 in Bay St. Louis is doing its part to keep the homeless and needy warm during the winter blast the coast is seeing. It's a place where hot meals are served and warm coats and blankets are distributed.

"I have nothing. I've been staying, like, in the woods in a tent," said David Bourgeois.

Bourgeois said he was left homeless when his mobile home went up in flames a few month ago. He said the services offered at Central Bible Church have helped him get by.

"I got this jacket, this sweatshirt and these pants. Everything I am wearing, it come from here because I lost everything when my trailer burnt down," explained Bourgeois.

Hot potato soup was on the menu at the church's soup kitchen. It's just what Bourgeois says he needed after enduring the frigid temperatures overnight.

"The hot meal, it gives me the energy to get around. Because, like I say, I ride a bicycle and that's my only means of transportation at the time," explained Bourgeois.

King's Kitchen Volunteer Anna Lee said, "For their health, some of them come and they haven't eaten for a couple of days, or three days. "

"This is really helpful," David Bourgeois said. Oscar Orcutt agrees.

"All I've got is a blanket, two pillows, a cot, and a tent. And when it gets cold at night, it's always good to have something extra warm," said Orcutt.

He hopes the sleeping bag the church gave him will do the trick.

"We feel blessed to be able to help these people and we're more blessed when we have wonderful people who come in and make these donations," said Cathy Vines, a volunteer for the church's clothes closet.

The need for blankets and coats of all sizes is great right now.But those donations also serve another purpose.

"It's real important to let them know that someone cares for them," Lee said.

If you would like to donate food or cold weather supplies to the church, contact the Church Pastor Mike Ramsey at (228) 493-4796.

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