Christian Collegiate Academy marching forward in M-A-I-S playoffs

Christian Collegiate Academy head coach Joe Robert guided the Bulldogs to a first-ever playoff game last Friday and first-ever playoff victory, defeating briarfield Academy 44 to 40. He took over the Bulldogs head coaching job four years ago.

Robert said,"Watching them be successful after many years of hard work being in there and these guys are just loving it. The whole school is excited. Ecstatic."

Sophomore quarterback Devan Roberts directs the Bulldogs offensive attack. He's completing over 60 percent of his passes for over 15-hundred yards, 19 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. And yes... he's the coaches son.

"It's a lot of pressure but it's not that bad," stated Deven Robert. "He's a good coach. I've loved it since I've been a little boy, never wanted to get away from it. I don't thing anything can stop me from playing it."

Senior running back and quarterback Andrew Hare has been tearing up the football turf, piling up over 21-hundred yards combined rushing and receiving and 30 touchdowns. He also leads Christian Collegiate Academy with over 120 tackles.

Hare said,"I loved to see how everybody was working hard and playing for the seniors and everybody else out there on the football field. So it was pretty good to know that we've worked so hard for all these four years and it finally paid off."

Senior linebacker Jacob Brown is another leader on the football team, he leads by making tackles.

Christian Collegiate Academy battles Franklin Academy in Winnsboro, Louisiana Friday night at 7.

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