Sangani Blvd. work set to end in time for Black Friday

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - There is good news for shoppers and travelers this year. The holiday shopping frenzy, known as Black Friday, should be a little easier to handle in D'Iberville now that road construction is wrapping up on Sangani Boulevard.

City leaders said work to widen the busy street is scheduled to be finished by Thanksgiving. Officials believe the end of construction could spark new interest in shopping in the area.

Although it hasn't yet gone on line, the new signal light at Walmart's east entrance is already a welcome sight on Sangani Boulevard.

"I think the light is a great idea because so many people turn in frustration and try to make a left turn coming out," said Curtis Jennings. "It just causes a lot of back-up and potential accidents."

Workers are wrapping up construction that includes new sidewalks, drainage improvements and decorative lighting. Perhaps most important for drivers, is taking Sangani from three lanes to five.

Project Manager Bobby Weaver said, "A lot better progression for traffic is coming through here, and a lot better access for the businesses here. Simply by better technology on the signals and the additional signal here will help."

D'Iberville officials expect retail businesses will get a boost from a wider, more driver-friendly Sangani, because people who avoided the area in the past will return.

"People want to avoid congestion, so when they know there is not a congestion issue; then there's no reason not to come," said Weaver. "People may have tried to stay away because of the construction, but now that we're about to open this part; easy access in, easy access out. So anybody certainly who is out and about, come over here for Black Friday because it's going to be wide open for business."

The project also addressed flooding problems at the corner of Sangani and Lamey Bridge Road, which occur after heavy rains.

"Down around the corner there was a spot that they needed a drain inlet," said Weaver. "So that has been picked up in this project to where it will take the surface water off of the road and get it down in the subsurface pipe."

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