Coast Resident Devoting Her Life To Boys and Girls Club

Regina Dixon came to work at the Jackson County Boys and Girls Clubs Charles Warner Homes unit, only two years ago.  Just three weeks after she got here, she was named the unit's director.

"It's fantastic work, especially when you walk in the doors and kids let you know they love you," Dixon says.  "It is fantastic work."

This is no 9 to 5 job for Regina.  She will glady tell you she is obsessed with the Boys and Girls Club, and deeply committed to these kids. She calls them, her babies.

"I am here for the kids.  I see so many children being neglected, and if I don't stand in the void and the Boys and Girls Club does not stand in the void, the children are lost," she says.

Regina has been known to buy the kids clothes or food out of her own pocket. But it's more than that; Regina knows their heart.

"I want to see these children when they leave here.  They feel good.  They know when they come here this is a safe place, this is a positive place, and they will not be misjudged."

Regina says when she gets out of bed in the morning she's thinking about the boys and girls club.  When she goes to bed at night, she's still thinking about the kids. In her short time here, her work has already been honored. And it's for good reason.  Meet her, and you immediately sense the passion she has for the children.

She plans on being here a long time, but what if sometime told her she had to leave?

"Oh don't say that!  To tell you the truth, I would be lost.  I would be lost, truly, without them."