C-SPAN tour bus a big hit at Biloxi High

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Dozens of students from Biloxi High School climbed aboard a tour bus Tuesday, but they weren't going anywhere. Instead, they learned about the political scene in the nation's capital, courtesy of C-SPAN.

The classroom was a bit cramped, but well worth it. The C-SPAN tour bus operators made sure of that.

"At 18 years old, I was on the C SPAN bus and this is how I found out about a non partisan viewpoint so we want to give them that message that there is a way that they can look up their candidates and see what they've done, what they support," explained Vanessa Torres, one of the tour bus operators.

The interactive displays were a big hit with the students.

"I took the executive quiz and they had questions about presidents and just how well you know your history," said Bryce Hart, a student at Biloxi High.

It was a good learning experience for Haleigh Smith, as well.

"Well, it showed me that there's an organization that wants to reach out to students that can make them more politically aware, and it showed me just how much I didn't know about our government," Smith said.

There were other things the students didn't know, until Tuesday, according to Raven Alexander.

"It was something new to do. I didn't know C-SPAN offered all of that. I didn't know that I could get a scholarship for making a video about an issue that I have concerns about either," Alexander said.

While most of the students who toured the C-SPAN bus Tuesday say they're aware of the network and watch it every once in awhile, there was one notable exception: a C-SPAN aficionado by the name of Sarah Grammar.

"I watch a lot of news outlets but C-SPAN is that one place where you're going to get things straight from the source, it doesn't come from talking heads or anything like that," Grammar explained. "You're seeing it firsthand what's going on in your house of representatives or your senate."

What's going on now is a student body that's more connected with the inner workings of Washington than they were before.

C-SPAN is funded by the cable industry as a public service. The bus also made a stop at the Biloxi Rotary Club this Tuesday afternoon before heading to Alabama to visit several cities in that state.

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