Gautier Cans Garbage Problems

Both Sharon Sondoz and Barbara Barner live in Shell Landing in Gautier.

Both of the women were surprised a few weeks ago when they returned home to find their picture-perfect neighborhood soiled in oil.

"I evacuated for the hurricane and when I got back there was all of this gunk all over the ground and everything," Resident Barbara Barner says.

"You can see in both directions where it leaves a trail when someone drove through it," Resident Sharon Sondoz says.

"I don't know what it is. I just know it came out of a garbage truck," Barner says.

These women aren't alone.

Gautier officials say many residents in the city have been complaining about DisposAll, the city trash collector.

The complaints ranged from things as simple as trash cans being out of place and varied scheduling to more serious problems of oil and trash leakage.

DisposAll General Manager Randal Parker says since they've heard about the problems, they've been working hard to find solutions.

"Most of the problems have been addressed already. We've replaced the style of vehicle, which we talked about in the council meeting with a different style vehicle that doesn't leak. We've undergone training with our drivers as to how to handle citizen's containers. We've dealt with our spill issue that we talked about this evening," Parker says.

Parker knows smaller issues will always crop up in the future, but he hopes the bulk of the problems are in the past.