Pascagoula teen passes away following crash

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - "It was a very bad accident," said Captain James Massey with the Pascagoula Police Department.

When asked to describe the scene, those were the first words that came out of Captain Massey's mouth.

It was a horrific sight just hours after the accident. A rear view mirror and a trampled tree were the just a few of things involved in the nightmare involving four Pascagoula teenagers.

Captain Massey said the group was headed west on Washington Avenue, in the now destroyed Ford Mustang.

He said that's when it appears the driver lost control of the car and drove it into a tree and a stop sign before coming to a crashing halt. Two escaped the vehicle.

"Two people inside the vehicle that appeared to be trapped," said Captain Massey. "First responders extricated both the people, including the deceased."

16-year-old Logan Eckert, a Pascagoula high school student, did not survive the crash.

"Lord protect them because tragedies like this should not happen," said the Cook family, as they stood hand-in-hand in prayer.

The accident happened in the Cook's back yard.

"We ask you to bless the family at this time," continued the family as they prayed.

"Our heart always goes out to anyone who has a loved one in a wreck," said Kristi Cook. "Just really saddened for the family."

The accident is under investigation and officials are continuing to search for answers as to what caused the horror in a Pascagoula neighborhood.

Officials said Eckert was wearing his seat belt and they do not believe alcohol was a factor in this accident.

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