Hundreds show up for Gulfport job fair

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulf Coast Community Action Agency is an organization with a goal of helping people. Thursday, that help came in the form of an agency hosted job and career fair at the Isaiah Fredericks Head Start Center in north Gulfport.

In the first hour, more than 200 people came through the doors. Some companies were hiring on the spot. Michael Frome affirmed that.

"Yes, I am. In fact, we've had two people that came in this morning that have skills that are exactly what we're looking for and we're going to be calling them probably today or first thing in the morning," Frome said.

Jobs being offered came in many different forms, including police work. Sergeant Milton Houseman was there representing the Biloxi Police Department.

"We're just looking for bright young people that are interested in a career in law enforcement. We're also looking for communication officers to work in our dispatch area," Houseman said.

Many who came said a winning attitude is the key to landing a job. One of them was LaShail Stewart.

"There are so many openings for young people and old people and everyone. I mean you just have to be willing to go out there and get it, and I'm one of those who is willing to go out there and get it," Stewart said.

Others, like Melissa Boyd, placed their hopes with a higher power.

"I'm optimistic that God is going to give me a job one way or another. So far, I just got out here a few minutes ago, I've talked with Spherion and put my resume in with them," Boyd said.

With so much of the hiring process being done online these days, human to human communication, like what is found at these job fairs, is extremely important in that process.

Melonie Adriatico is hiring for a local restaurant.

"It's real important just to build that connection with people in the community to find the perfect person for that position; It's very important," Adriatico said.

Thursday's job fair lasted from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. During that time, officials say more than 500 people showed up looking for employment.

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