Pinehurst neighbors want something done about eyesore house

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - People who live in one Jackson County neighborhood are looking for answers. They say a nearby house has become an eyesore and a nuisance. For them, it's been a frustrating, long-time struggle to have the house removed or cleaned up.

Pinehurst is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with well-kept homes and lawns. But neighbors say one house on Red Bud Lane destroys that serenity.

When you look at it, you see that the doors, windows, and even the garage are open for anyone to enter. There's glass all over the floor of the gutted home. The grass is two feel tall in some places. People living nearby are concerned.

"Before they cleared out the drywall, my cats would get in there and it's just dangerous. It's an eyesore. Somebody opened up the garage. People go playing in there, and there's all kinds of stuff in there," said Kelly Eskew, one of the people living nearby.

"Kids play around all that stuff and I'm afraid somebody is going to get hurt. I've lived here 36 years and this house has been a mess since before Katrina," explained Bill Parker, another person who lives nearby.

"They can get cut. Something could fall down and hurt them. They can get killed. Anything can happen," said Antoine Hopkins, who has small children in his home nearby.

What kind of solution does Hopkins have in mind?

"Tear it down. Rebuild it. Something," said Hopkins.

Getting no answers has left Edward Carson feeling like this.

"Very frustrated. Since Katrina, most everybody in here has rebuilt and cleaned up their lots, and that's the only one that's left, and it seems like no one would come in there to do it," Carson said.

Neighbors' concerns about this vacant house are many. But near the top of the list is what it's doing to their property values in Pinehurst.

"Before Katrina, our home was worth about $165,000, and now it's worth about $125,000 to $130,000 thousand," said Parker.

The home has been foreclosed twice, and is now owned by a mortgage company on the coast.

County officials are taking action.

"We have since, on September the 8th, written them a letter and telling them the condition of the property, sent them pictures and telling them we're going to take legal action to either board the house up or destroy the house and tear it away completely if they didn't take any action," explained John McKay, supervisor for this district.

Any action can't come soon enough for the people of Pinehurst.

County officials say the mortgage company has 90 days to respond and start cleaning up and securing the house. They also say the board of supervisors will consider boarding up the house using county tax dollars and labor, and then billing the owner.

We did try and contact the company, but it's not listed either on-line or in the yellow pages.

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