Upgrades On Jackson County Soccer Complex Make Soccer Practice A Headache

"About 6 o'clock. Do you need the field?" One soccer coach asks Bryan Parton.

"Yes! Thank you, thank you," Parton responds.

Gautier and Ocean Springs soccer coaches are having to scrounge up space at the soccer complex just to have enough room for their players to practice.

Officials say more than one-third of the soccer complex has been off-limits to the teams since the beginning of the season.

Coaches say this is putting a kink in there schedules.

"Mondays, Wednesday don't seem to be as crows as Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was out here last Thursday and it was kid to kid. It was just packed," Parton says.

Not only do the teams have less room, but soccer club officials say this year they have more kids.

This has coaches worried about performance.

"The kids are suffering because they cannot run, they can't get the techniques down. They need the short sided play, but they need the long-sided play as well," Coach Angela Troutman says.

Although these kids are having to practice their skills on smaller fields, Jackson County officials say their inconvenience will be worth the wait.

"Once they are done, if it rains the day before and sunny the next day, we'll be able to play on them because they'll be dry. Now if it rains, they're down three or four days, because they are mushy, muddy and if you get on them you just destroy them," West River Soccer Club President Mick Sears says.

"I know it's aggravating, I really do, but I think what comes out of this process is going to be something they can really be proud of," Jackson County Recreation Director Jack Hamilton says.

The upgraded fields are popping up.

County officials just want soccer teams to be patient and remember the county is working as fast as it can.