One Coast Church Is Planning A Unique Mardi Gras Celebration

A Pass Christian church wants to turn Mardi Gras inconvenience into a fund raising opportunity.

In years past, hundreds of parade goers have parked or gathered on Trinity Episcopal Church property along Highway 90. Some have damaged the grounds while celebrating.

But this year, the church plans on staging its own Mardi Gras celebration and fund raiser. Folks attending the Pass Parade are welcome to join the church festivities.

"We're going to fence off the property with some of that orange construction fencing," Trinity Pastor Christopher Colby said.  "You won't be able to miss it. We're going to have about 200 parking spaces down here in the rice field. We're going to have two food booths. We're going to have extra bathrooms, extra port-a-lets. We're going to have extra security people walking around."

The church will charge $10 a day to park on its property. The Pass Christian Mardi Gras parade is February 25th.