Sewage Sludge Finds New Life As Fertilizer

Harrison County sewage sludge is being recycled into a product that keeps lawns and golf courses green.

The Gulfport North Wastewater Treatment Facility converts tons of sludge into high quality fertilizer. It's a recycling process that involves adding lime to the wet sludge and then heating the mixture in a series of large drying machines.

The finished product is a fertilizer called "Gulfgro." Right now, the organic mixture is available free at the treatment facility on Seaway Road.

"We are in the process of marketing the product," District Director Kamran Pahlavan said. "Again, we are the first in the state to be able to come up with this program. But it's actually a proven technology. The EPA calls it "Class A" exceptional quality material.

The Gulfport treatment facility produces 25 tons of the fertilizer each day. The product is being used by several coast golf courses and farmers.