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Facade collapse creates safety concerns


St. Julian Street remains closed after the façade of a building collapsed. Now some people are worried that the former Sorry Charlie's building is a safety hazard.

"That building is dilapidated and like the debris we see here, it could be an easy death you know for any by passer," said Herman Board.

By passers couldn't help but stare at the building and the debris that still blocks off what used to be Sorry Charlie's.

"I'm going to want to be walking around some of the newer buildings," said Amber Cossio.

Investigators say rain is to blame, they believe a window that had been bricked-in got water behind it and caused it to separate and fall.

Even though this building is vacant, lots of people lined up around it just two months ago for Jamie Deen's book signing.  

Now some folks fear that more could go wrong.  

"I don't walk close to that building because it gives me an eerie feeling," said Board.

"I think something needs to be done with checking the safety of the buildings," said Cossio.  

City property managers and structural engineers are conducting a thorough investigation to make sure the rest of the building is secure.

"I think that they could do something new with it and I think if they could have done something earlier that wouldn't have happened," said Cossio.

St. Julian Street is still blocked off, no word how long it will be before it will be reopened.

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