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Three skateboarders cruising the coast for a cure


1,386 miles, that is how far Charlie Fowler, Sean Barfield and John Shearer are traveling to help spread awareness for Relay for Life. The trio left Virginia Beach, Va. just over a month ago in hopes to reach Key West, Fl. by Christmas.

"We've all had family or friends that have been affected by cancer, so it hits home for everyone," said Shearer.

The trio left Virginia with virtually no money, only one change of clothes and their skateboards; they are relying on the people of the east coast to help them reach their destination.

"We've slept under trees, bushes, we just camp out," Fowler says.

When most run for cover from the storms, these guys face it head on.

"We just throw our ponchos over our bags, and put our skateboards in trash bags... just charge through it," Shearer says.

The three have a daily goal of about 40 miles, but stop at some of the major cities along the way to personally advocate their cause and meet new people.

"We'll talk to the rich or the poor, the high and the low... everybody's got a story," says Shearer.

"We tell people we don't want your money, just go to our website and donate to Relay for Life so we can actually put money to the cause," said Barfield.

The three are having a blast pushing through their journey, making new friends and forming everlasting memories. To donate to their Relay for Life page, click here. To follow their progress on their "Cancer Cruise" to Key West, click here.

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