Stilettos weren't made for walkin' until now

If you saw women, and even a few men marching down Highway 90 in stilettos Saturday morning; it was for a good cause.

Advocates for Freedom teamed up with First Presbyterian Church of Biloxi for their second annual Stiletto Walk, which brings awareness to human sex trafficking.

Stilettos weren't exactly made for walking, but participants like Cheyona Broomfield say this is a cause worth the uncomfortable walk.

"I didn't know anything about it, and just coming out today and just seeing that there are people standing up for human trafficking, and I walk in heels every day," said Broomfield.

The stilettos are a representation of the thousands of people trafficked for sex exploitation daily. Advocates for Freedom is an organization founded by Susie Harvill. She says the horrific act of selling young men and women for sex is hard for a lot of people to understand.

"I do believe that because of our efforts to bring awareness; more people are hearing about it. We're going a lot of places. We have spoken over 300 times this year about human trafficking," said Harvill.

Another part of the AFF's mission is the Blue Ribbon Campaign. Harvill says the ribbon is a lot like the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, which is a sign of hope.

"If people see it, they will start thinking about it and as they think about it; they will either remember to be safe or they'll remember to tell somebody about it or they will remember to act on it in some way, just to bring awareness," said Harvill.

As the group marched, they chanted slogans like, 'Save our children,' and held signs hoping to shed more light on the thousands of sex trafficking victims who still need help.

If you would like to volunteer with Advocates for Freedom, or learn more about the cause, you can follow this link.

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