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Petition Drive For More Law Enforcement In Jackson County Is Gaining Support

April Delmas works and lives just inside Jackson County. Not long ago, April came home and found her house had been broken into.

"I got robbed a few months ago," she said.  "They came in and took my daughter's Disney movies, my TV and upset her really bad and me too."

Because of that robbery and several more in their area, April's parents got concerned about the number of deputies working throughout the county.

"We are proud of the sheriff's department," Bobby Delmas said.  "They are doing all they can do.  If you're short-handed, you can only do so much."

And deputies are handling a lot. In the last two months, the sheriff's department has handled 5,000 different cases, an increase that's causing the whole department to be spread thin.  That's why you'll see Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd conducting funeral processions on a regular basis.

"This understaffing is a problem from a long time ago," Sheriff Byrd said.  "Its going to take a lot of money to get it back the way it should be."

The Delmas family started a petition to get more deputies and funding for law enforcement. They plan to take it to the Board of Supervisor's next meeting.

"We thought if we got enough signatures and found out enough people really cared about this, the supervisors would take a second look at this," Rhonda Delmas said.

The Delmas family says they're getting a good response from the community about the petition.

"We had to take another petition to St. Martian today," Bobby Delmas said.  "We've got them in 21 different places like St. Martin, Hurley and Big Point."

"It's just an example of the public outcry for better protection," Sheriff Byrd said.

That's protection the Delmas family says the county deserves.

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