3,000 miles on a bicycle

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Bob Quick is traveling 40 to 70 miles a day on a bicycle.  He left the Pacific Coast in San Diego September 2 and plans to arrive on the Atlantic coast next month.  Right now, he's peddling through South Mississippi.

Quick is on a mission to spread the word about the importance of staying active and to never take your life for granted.

"I was dead for over 3-and-a-half minutes," Quick remembered while taking a short break along Highway 67 from his bike ride.  The Utah man survived a massive heart attack thanks to a quick thinking firefighter/paramedic who jumped into action. That brush with death put him on a mission.

He's pedaling more the 3,000 miles, going coast-to-coast from California to Florida in less than three months, for two reasons.  "For charity and also to prove to people that you can get up and you can do stuff don't sit on the coach, cause once you sit down, you're going to stay down," said Quick.

The heart attack survivor has 16 stents and a GPS locator pacemaker.

He also has a caring son Conrad who's at his side during Dad's amazing journey.  "It's a blessing it absolutely is," Conrad said.  "He took extensive training to come with me to take care of Dad, I get a little choked up when I talk about it but he's constantly behind me, he's constantly saying dad are you ok?"

Quick's bike has signatures from hundreds of firefighters and state troopers across America. The Quicks actually stay at fire departments at night during their long journey.  They got the royal treatment from the Poplarville fire department and police. With lights on they escorted the Quick's to entire way to Wiggins.

With a big smile, the heart attack survivor said, "I'm loving every bit of it."

And loves the people he's met during this incredible ride. He has pictures of them all and a blog about his journey.

To learn more about Bob Quick, go to bobquicksjourney.com

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