Tradition Development Moves Closer To Groundbreaking

The developer of a one and a half billion dollar housing project told Harrison County supervisors it's time for him to accomplish something.

Joseph Canizaro says he has "great expectations" for his planned community called "Tradition".

Forty six hundred acres in the heart of Harrison County will become a modern community. Phase one of "Tradition" includes more than a thousand homes and a nearly 38 million dollar investment.

"We have great expectations and believe that we can be extremely successful and sell an awful lot of houses and bring an awful lot of economic development in the short term to our community," Canizaro told Harrison County supervisors.

The planned community is a called a TND or traditional neighborhood design. It's designed to encourage a sense of "small town living".

Brynn Joachim is in charge of marketing the project.

"Their hallmark is that they're very pedestrian friendly. You can park your car and walk to the village center. Go to the bank. Go to the grocery store. Have a nice dinner at a cafe," she said.

Ground will be broken in February. Phase one includes 12 model homes and a "village center" which combines retail and community space.

"From a country store that's combined with the sales and marketing center. To a community club facility that has a pool and tennis courts happening right against the lake," a member of the development team explained to the board.

Green space is an important part of the project. The marketing brochure promotes "paths and parkways". Each neighborhood in phase one will have its own park, while those neighborhoods will be linked with more than five miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails.

"This is going to be a legacy for me. I'm really committed to doing a first class job," Canizaro said.

He's sinking more than just his money into the project. The developer told supervisors he and his wife are building a home in "Tradition".