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Farm trailer thief on the run


 A man suspected of stealing peanut and pecan trailers is wanted by the Calhoun County Sheriff's office.

Calhoun County Sheriff Josh Hilton says $7,500 worth of equipment reported stolen Wednesday in Calhoun County.

Hilton says he caught on to Tony Curry once he tracked down the trailers, and he had a good idea of where they might be.

"I figured they went to a scrap metal place. We started searching and found them up in Randolph County," said Hilton.

 The trailers had been sold for scrap. The suspected thief however didn't cover his tracks very well. At Cuthbert Metal Recycling, Sheriff Hilton found the paperwork of the sale. Along with three checks made to Tony Curry. He even used his own drivers license.

"The trailers were right behind his house. He just decided to take them and sell them," Hilton said.

This isn't Curry's first run in with the law. He's also a registered sex offender who could be facing an absconder charge to go along with three felonies for the trailers he's accused of stealing.

"He used his father's truck and hauled them in a two day period," Hilton said.

Sheriff Hilton says the recycler did the right thing by following procedure and getting Curry's license.

If you know where Curry is call the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office at 849-2555.


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