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Hobnob moves indoors

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Governor Bryant proclaimed November Innovation Month while speaking at the Mississippi Economic Council's 12th annual Hobnob event.

He took the time to brag on the state's accomplishments, particularly in economic development.

Several other statewide elected officials also took to the podium. Many of the speeches centered on the opportunities for economic growth in the state.

Participants say that is one issue that tends to have bipartisan support.

The event is typically held under at tent at the Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum. However, weather forced it indoors this year to the Mississippi Coliseum.

While there's a more relaxed atmosphere at Hobnob than the state capitol, there's no shortage of politicking.

It's an appropriate place to roll out the state's latest selling point. Businesses made pitches of their own at booths set up around the room. Bryant's hoping to see even more of them move to the magnolia state.

"Say if you want to look for a new way of doing things, new ideas, new opportunities, Mississippi is the state of innovation. We can show them, not just tell them what we're doing but show them what we've done in innovation," said Governor Phil Bryant.

That idea of continuing to strengthen Mississippi's economy is one that folks from both sides of the aisle seem to agree on. Partisan lines break down some during Hobnob.

"You can tell just by the flavor of Hobnob what kind of session we're getting ready to have," explained Senator Kenneth Wayne Jones (D).

Lawmakers are hoping the positivity can carry over to the next legislative session with some common goals.

"When you talk about economic development, good policy for Mississippi then Mississippi deserves for us to work together on that," said Jones.

Leadership says there are ways the legislature can keep the progress moving.

"Create an environment where businesses can prosper. So we look at things like tax incentives, workforce development, providing an educated workforce," described Speaker Philip Gunn.

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