DEA teaches Moss Point students about drug dangers

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - All eyes were glued to the front of the school gym as students heard firsthand about the consequences of drug use on young minds.

Don Penny is the Drug Enforcement Agency agent who addressed them. "If you're in a position to lower your standards and to lower your self-worth so that you'll try marijuana, it's more than likely an opportunity for you to step to the next drug," Penny said.

While we all know there are hundreds of drugs out there that students may possibly choose from, DEA agents focused on two today. The so-called gateway drugs, marijuana and spice.

Student Reece Holland listened. "I liked the part where they just talked about and told you the information about the bad things about marijuana and spice and told you not to take it," Holland said.

During the assembly, students and teachers were honored for their volunteer efforts at the school and in the community. That was also a hit with student Jaiden Downs. "The thing I liked the most was recognizing the students and the work they have done to support the school," said Downs.

Tactical police gear was also on display, and even tried on, but the lesson learned today was one that stuck with students like Patriona Cannon. "He said that spice is maybe even worse than marijuana, and I didn't know that. And they are both bad for you," Cannon said.

Chandra Holsapple was also impressed by the lesson. "When he started talking about the side effects of doing marijuana and let you know what you were going to do," said Holsapple.

"Was it a pretty powerful message? Yes sir."

It is a message that hopefully will stand the test of time for the more than 300 classmates that attended today's assembly.

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