Defense rests in Jeffery "Juice" Allen capital murder trial

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Presenting no witnesses, the defense rested Thursday morning in the capital murder trial of Jeffery "Juice" Allen. Judge Robert Krebs will now hear motions in the case before scheduling closing arguments.

Allen is accused of robbing and shooting Charles Mason, a Jackson County junkyard owner in March 2011.

Wednesday afternoon, the state rested its case after jurors heard from 13 witnesses. Allen seemed shocked by some of the testimony.

Allen's friend, Joshua Davis, said he and Allen would smoke the now illegal drug spice together at times. Davis told the court two weeks before the shooting, he overheard Allen telling Freeman they should take money from the elderly man's home on Hog Island.

"Talking with Donna about how he knew where Mr. Mason had money and how they were going to go and get it," Davis said.

Davis was in the car with Allen and Freeman the day of the murder and pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact. He recounted how Freeman went into Mason's home, then came out saying she shot him.

"She said, 'I just shot him and he got the gun,'" Davis said.

Davis said he then saw Allen go inside and take a cell phone and also some cash out of the victim's left pocket. He said Allen dumped the gun and phone in a nearby creek and split the cash with him and Freeman.

"He told me to not go blow it all in one place and keep my mouth shut," Davis said.

Allen's attorney tried to discredit that testimony saying Davis gave different versions what happened the day the murder, so he doesn't have a good memory. The defense also argued that the defendant never discussed robbing and killing Mr. Mason with his girlfriend.

Also during the second day of trial, the state played a video in which Jackson County Sheriff's deputies said Allen lied several times about the murder, claiming Mason tried to force himself on Freeman and she shot him in self-defense. Allen then pointed the finger at his girlfriend saying he loved Mason and had no idea she actually shot or killed the 86-year-old until after he was found dead at his home.

The jury is expected to begin final deliberations Thursday after closing arguments and jury instructions. WLOX News Report Patrice Clark has been in the courtroom all week and will have more on the trial later today on WLOX News and

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