Picayune company builds for the future

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Avon Engineered Fabrications in Picayune celebrated a milestone this week. The company held a ribbon cutting and grand opening for its new building and location. The larger manufacturing facility will allow Avon to expand its product line and add more jobs. City leaders say it's good economic news for Picayune and Pearl River County.

Avon has been a fixture in Picayune for nearly 25 years.  Company leaders say they simply outgrew their first building in the Picayune Industrial Park and built another one.

You may have seen one of the products the company produces. The black rubber skirts that surround the bottoms of the Navy's hover-craft are manufactured by Avon, "which creates the float for the vessel," said Jamie Rogers, Avon's Site Manager.

Avon is also famous for producing large flexible fuel and water storage tanks for the military, "Anywhere ranging from 300,000 gallons upwards of 300,000 thousand gallons," explained Rogers.

The new building will allow the company to expand its product line and its work force.

"Currently we have about 45 employees," the company executive said.  "We do expect that number to trend up quiet rapidly as we just won a new contract for the support of the skirt systems to the Navy."

The company's newest venture could create a 100 plus new jobs.  "We have a new joint venture that we just signed and we're in the design phase of a new tank, a flexible tank to enter into the oil and gas industry for water containment," said Rogers.

Picayune's Operations Manager Harvey Miller said, "We understand It could possibility be up to 130 jobs created and they're good paying jobs. Any town USA right now one of the main things we're looking for is economic development and jobs creation and that's what we're all about here today."

The new product for the oil and gas industry is expected to be launched in June.

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