OS man paints for the love of art

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Some say a beautiful painting can open a window into your soul. Curtis Jaunsen knows that very well.  After working as an architect, the Ocean Springs man became a full time artist ten years ago, and has never looked back.

"Most of my adult life I was spending time sitting at a desk, dealing with deadlines, meeting with clients and all of that," Jaunsen recalled.

Times have changed for him. "I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I really love doing it."

His advice for others wanting to follow their dreams.

"I would advise taking the chance and be willing to risk failure or anything else like that," Jaunsen said.

He's the father of two teenagers, and his passion for painting has opened their eyes.

"I think the both appreciate me doing this. I think it kind of opens up for them options. It makes this sort of choice more realistic," Jaunsen explained.

His art means a lot to him, but something else means even more.

"Whether it works as a finished piece or not really isn't as important as the fact that I'm out here, spending time, looking at the light, trying to interpret it with paint. It's part of a learning process."

For Jaunsen, painting is not just dabbing a brush on canvas. "That's the thing about being an artist. You spend time thinking about how to interpret visual reality."

That reality also comes with emotion.  "It's not just painting what I see, but it's also something you try to do in a way that expresses a certain amount of feeling."

That feeling is now on display for all to see and appreciate.

Jaunsen's work is currently on display at the Pink Rooster Art Galley on Washington Avenue in downtown Ocean Springs.

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