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Man killed in police shootout faced 2011 charges


The man killed after shooting at Statesboro police already faced prosecution for gun-related charges in a 2011 case. George Pryor, 61, died on his front porch after he was shot by police.

According to the Bulloch County jail, Pryor was arrested in 2011 for discharging a firearm near a highway, assault and reckless conduct. According to the Bulloch County clerk of court's office, a grand jury indicted Pryor in 2012, but the case had not gone to court and a hearing had yet to be scheduled.

Statesboro police accompanied a city code enforcement officer to Pryor's home on Rackley Street Monday morning to remove a van that had been sitting on his property line for years in violation of city ordinances.

Rose Roberts, a friend of Pryor's, told WTOC Tuesday she had just walked by the house and spoken to Pryor as he dealt with the officers and the van's removal. She said he had talked to her about restoring the van and getting it running.

However, she said Tuesday, that was before he had suffered a stroke and lost some use of his arm. Roberts said she could not have anticipated what was about to happen.

"I was walking on toward Institute Street and I turned around and saw two white flames from the porch, then I heard a bunch of shooting and I jumped underneath the closest house," she said. "All hell broke loose!"

Roberts described Pryor as a friendly, easy going person who tried to maintain his yard, around the van. She stated Pryor fired first, but she was not sure if he fired at the officers or just in the air.

However, she did not think the officers had to kill Pryor.

"I don't think it necessitated firing 14 rounds in the street," she said. "especially seven to nine shots in the door".

Georgia Bureau of Investigation is handling the case because it involves a police officer. GBI conducted Pryor's autopsy Tuesday, but details had not been released by Tuesday afternoon.

According to Statesboro Police, the officer and the code enforcement officer had been placed on routine administrative leave until the case is complete.

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