Cruisin' The Coast Cranks Up In South Mississippi

If you were out and about at all on Sunday, you probably noticed a caravan of classic cars.

That's because the ninth annual Cruisin' the Coast event has officially cranked up.

Hundreds of vintage car owners got their motors running for the first day of Cruisin' the Coast.

Jerry Fullam was one of them.

His 1959 Skyliner was a definite crowd-pleaser at the Cruisin' Pre party, but Jerry says unlike the vehicles of today, all of these antique cars on display are unique.

"Every year a car came off the assembly line, it was different from the year before. Today, it's very hard to tell the difference between one car, what year it is, and another car because they just change the name plate on the back of them and call them something else, the same thing," said Fullam.

Then there's another unique antique, an old boat, the owners converted into a car.

"The boat had been wrecked up in the late '70s. So, we made it a street legal as a car. And it's been a street legal for over 18 years," said owner Pat Durrant.

Pat Durrant and her husband have spent those 18 years traveling Coast to Coast in their Texas Boatrod.

This is their first stop at Cruisin' in South Mississippi.

They say they get a lot of questions about their creation.

"Usually the first question they ask is does it float? No ma'am. It does not float. We drive it out on the highway. We usually cruise 60 to 72 on the open highway," said Durrant.

Despite the different makes and models, all of these cars cars offer a reflection of the past, that people of all generations can enjoy.