Police Prepare For Heavy Traffic From Coast Cruisers

As coast traffic slowly turns into scenes of yesteryear, local law enforcement is gearing up to make sure everyone, including local residents, cruises to their destinations in a timely manner.

Lt. Alfred Sexton of the Gulfport Police Department does not foresee any significant traffic delays.

"The sponsors of this event have many different things planned along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Because they have a scheduled plan of things from Bay St. Louis all the way over to Biloxi, it keeps traffic pretty well moving. That's a large area. Also because a lot of the event sponsors have you know large amounts of parking garages, so that takes a lot of the traffic and it places it in a central location for a certain event," said Sexton.

But despite the organization of this annual event, local police departments have the same traffic plans in place as they have in years past.

Extra officers will be on duty to control the traffic flow if needed, but the public is also being asked to help out.

"As the Mississippi Gulf Coast continues to grow into a tourist destination, and as people continue to go here whether it's during spring or summer time, we certainly ask everybody as you are local residents, if you're familiar with maybe a shortcut or back roads, certainly just take advantage of that during this time. Also during the time period along Highway 90. Look at what's going to be the peak time where they're going to be going from point A to point B and try to avoid those certain areas," said Sexton.