Halloween Sales booming at Spirit Halloween in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Halloween is just four days away, and workers at Spirit Halloween in Biloxi say costumes have been flying off the shelves. Business has been great, and they don't see any sign of it letting up before Thursday.

Whether you're looking for a something cute, or a costume that will scare anyone who crosses your path; Spirit Halloween has it. Though costumes are sought heavily in the store, workers say animatronics are their best sellers.

"Most of our sales are from the animatronics, and we're actually pretty much out of them because they have just sold so fast," said Curyn Templeton, an employee at Spirit Halloween.

According to Forbes.com, an estimated 148 million Americans will participate in Halloween by buying candy, costumes, or decorations. People like Maria Nasakaitis say the decorations are worth the money.

These animatronics don't come cheap, but it doesn't stop people like Nasakaitis from buying them. After all, they can be used year after year.

As far as costumes go, Spirit Halloween's biggest hit for little girls has been Monster High. For little boys, it's super heroes or ninjas. When it comes to adults, Templeton says costumes have been become more risqué.

"Women seem to like anything that's really short. Everybody this year is doing little red riding hood and the big bad wolf or Alice in Wonderland. Those have been our two really big ones," said Templeton.

While the store specializes in the aesthetics of Halloween, they also have a "Spirit of Children" campaign nationwide. Each store sells bracelets and accepts donations toward the cause. This money will benefit local children's hospitals.

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