Sex offenders may frighten, but traffic can be deadly on Halloween

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Haunted houses and spooky costumes may not be the scariest things you run into on Halloween night, behind some of the doors your children could knock on live sex offenders.

"To keep children safe, you need to know who lives in your neighborhood," Harrison County Chief Deputy Landon Phillips said.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department offers a free tool that makes it easy for you.

"You can access an online registration for sex offenders to determine whether or not there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood and it's available 24/7 online," Phillips said.

According to Home Facts, there are 88 registered sex offenders living in Biloxi and 169 in Gulfport. As scary as that may be, deputies say the biggest danger on Halloween is actually traffic.

"We want to make sure people slow down, obey the speed limit and really just proceed with caution when driving," Phillips said. "In our more congested neighborhoods, we are going to offer traffic support, have folks out on ATVs making sure the cars are slow in neighborhoods. We may block off some streets to eliminate traffic concerns."

And once you get back home, before the children dig in to the candy, you should check every piece.

"Make sure it's all completely sealed, completely wrapped, if there is any issues or concerns at all they can either contact us or disregard the candy itself. Make sure it's safe for the children," Phillips said.

To find out if there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood, search the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry:

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