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Items seized by police up for auction

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the items seized by police?

The items include cars and trucks that were never claimed by their owners, bicycles, electronics, even stolen air conditioning units. The items usually end up in auction.

Saturday, October 26 is the day you can get your hands on some of the items dirt-cheap. The City of Jackson's surplus auction takes place at the city impound lot on Michael Avalon Drive beginning at 9am. It's a public auction, and a money-maker for city government.

But auctioneer Nick Clark says it also frees up precious space for law enforcement.

"These are fruits of the crime, and the evidence vault is only so big. They gather up so much, so much more is coming in, they have to periodically go through and empty it out," he says.

Clark wants to remind you that he cannot provide titles on the vehicles unless they were previously city-owned. 

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