Special Young Lady Gets Special Recognition

"She's just perfect. I mean she's very angelic and very outgoing. She's a headache she says," says Katie's mother Brenda Johnson.

Katie Johnson's mother lovingly calls her a headache, but the students at Purvis High School believes she is a princess and she deserves to wear a crown.

Katie joined 10 other young ladies Friday night who were nominated by their classmates to be on this year's homecoming court.

Despite her confidence, Katie appeared a little hesitant at first to strut in front of her peers on the football field.

But as you can see, Katie's nerves were soon calmed by the roar of the crowd.

This sight not only pleases Katie's family, but the family of last year's homecoming queen as well.

"The students of this school are absolutely wonderful. The reason why? Two years straight in a row, there's a handicapped student on the homecoming court. So it's the students at this school that makes everything worth it," said last year's homecoming queen Erin Alexander's mother Janice.

And it was worth it.

Katie's grandfather proudly escorted her on the football field, and she handled the evening like royalty.

As you know, high school homecomings are usually about the crowd, the cheerleaders, and of course, the football team.

But the evening of Purvis High's homecoming belonged to a freshman named Katie Johnson.

When Katie heard she was elected by her peers as a freshman maiden, she cried - not because she won, but because she was sorry the other girls had lost.

And congratulations also to this year's homecoming queen, senior Ashton Brown.