Jackson County residents face flooding nightmares

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Any time there is a downpour in Jackson County's St. Andrews Community, there are some residents who are faced with flooding. Since this has been a recurring nightmare for so many of these residents, they're frustrated and need relief.

One of those residents is Virginia Kelly. She says flooding woes have plagued Tantallon Drive for years. The most recent flooding event for Kelly was Hurricane Isaac back in August of 2012.

"The water started coming underneath the baseboards and I am thinking, 'how we are going to deal with this again? It hasn't been that long since Katrina,'" said Kelly.

According to Kelly, at least eight homes on that same block have been faced with the same frustration. She blames poor drainage.

"Anytime there is rain over four or five inches; you can guarantee the water is going to come into the yard, around the house and slowly it drains," explained Kelly.

Her neighbor, Jim Harris, hasn't been faced with flooding inside his home since Hurricane Katrina. However, the rising water around his home still creates a major inconvenience.

"It is frustrating. We can't seem to get anything done to get the water out of here to some other place. It just bundles up here," Harris said.

Supervisor John McKay represents the area. He understands the residents' frustrations and is now working on a solution to finally come to a solution. It isn't an easy task, though.

"What we have is over the years, this major drainage canal through here that drains most of Ocean Beach Estates and just about all of St. Andrews has grown up and it is backed up with storm debris and trash. So, what we are going to have to do is clean this out to stop the flooding," said McKay.

The next step is getting the necessary permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the approval from residents to begin the work.

"Once we get all that done, we can clean it out and that will improve the drainage in this whole area," said McKay.

The project should take four to six months to complete once it has been started. McKay said, in addition to cleaning up drainage ditches; the county will also repair some of the area's cross drains to also help alleviate flooding.

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