Garage Team Adds Shine To Classic Cars

Jason Lofton was working on the wheels of a pickup truck. Around him were three beat up clunkers that Lofton's team would turn into mint condition wheels. "I guess you could say we're all gear heads at heart," he laughed.

Lofton's partner is Shannon Lee. "It's all in our blood," he said. "It gets in there. It's an addiction."

Lofton elaborated on how his classic car addiction fueled his life. "One of my things was I never really excelled at sports in school," he admitted. "But I knew how to rebuild an engine before I was 12, and did."

Now Lofton and Lee have the ability to turn shattered windshields into street dreams. The Gulfport men repair and rebuild vintage cars in a garage on Highway 53. "It's something I like doing just to show the quality of work that we can do," said Lee.

A sparkling engine and shiny exterior in the garage lobby belonged to a 1932 Ford Roadster High Boy. The Street Dreams guys built it from scratch, so Cruisin the Coast could give it away as a fundraiser to help the Make a Wish foundation. "That was really neat. I was proud to be part of that," said Lee. "Every car is a little bit an expression of yourself."

If past history is any indication, the Street Dreams garage will be a frequent pit stop for car buffs, once Cruisin the Coast revs up its engines.