Travel writers explore the coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Writers from around the country have gathered on the coast this week to discuss travel issues. The annual convention of the Society of American Travel Writers is meeting at Beau Rivage to talk about things that impact travelers.

It is an opportunity for these members of the media to learn more about South Mississippi, which goes a long way towards promoting the coast.

"There will be stories in newspapers, magazines and online all about the Gulf Coast. Our point in being here is to find stories that the coast has to tell for us to share with people," said Laura Daily with the SATW.

On Monday, one seminar was designed to look at a very serious issue. Representatives from the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department were on hand to answer questions about the importance of balancing security at airports with making it easy and convenient for the traveling public.

One of the writers said of clients, "They say to me, 'I hate traveling to America because they make me feel like a criminal.'"

Douglas Smith, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security says TSA, the agency in charge of security at airports, has worked to streamline the process.

"I think the efficiency the department has focused on, things like global entry and TSA pre check, have told the traveling public they can enjoy what they deserve. They can feel safe while they travel and do it in a way with a minimal amount of intrusion. They're going to get to where they are going in the most safe and efficient possible way," said Smith.

TSA has introduced the Trusted Traveler Program. It is designed to allow travelers to move through airports with greater ease.

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