Vancleave Man Needs Wheelchair Ramp

James McCraw of Vancleave could use a break.

The disabled man, who's on oxygen, is finding it more and more difficult to get in and out of his home.

A wheelchair ramp would make all the difference in the world. But the family simply can't afford one.

James McCraw can get to the edge of the steps in his electric wheelchair.

"As you can see, I get right here, and that's as far as I can get. I can set here and watch the sun. But it's still not like getting out and really enjoying it."

Three wooden steps present a real obstacle in preventing him from enjoying the kind of freedom he craves. The disabled heart patient can use a walker to get in and out of his home. But that short distance presents a real challenge.

His wife has to help him with every shaky step.

"Oh, it's real tough. Especially going down the steps. I've got the oxygen in one hand and his belt loop in the other hand, where he won't fall down. Because he's bad about falling," said Ellen McCraw.

A wheelchair ramp would eliminate that fear. Medicaid paid for the electric chair. But the family can't afford to build a ramp, even though it's desperately needed.

"Even to go visit my daughter, who lives one lot over and everything. It would be more easier and able to go with it. And it would give me a chance to get out and get a little fresh air, because I practically live in the house," said McCraw.

A wheelchair ramp is a simple project. Yet it's one that would make a tremendous difference for the McCraw family.

If you can help out with either materials or labor, call Steve Phillips at the station.

The phone number is (228) 896-2580.